Young Warriors Player Makes Strong Steph Curry Statement

Jonathan Kuminga termed Steph Curry "the perfect human being." in a 947 Joburg interview.

It's not just basketball. Kuminga called Steph Curry perfect. "He is truly perfect. 

There's nothing to say about Steph. He acts the same at home, on the floor, and at practice. He never gets into trouble and talks to everyone. His dialogue will begin.

He'll find you and chat to you even if you don't. People don't see that behind the scenes. It's the best person I've met."

Kuminga also discussed witnessing Curry's kids and how they represent him.

"Seeing his family watch him play off the court, especially his small child hopping around in the locker room. Everyone in his family is happy, and the man of the house makes it happen "Kuminga added.

Kuminga, who clearly adores his great teammate, spoke strongly.  Every Curry teammate had nothing but positive things to say about the 2022 Finals MVP.

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