’Yellowstone’s Kelly Reilly Gave a Must-See Performance Opposite Denzel Washington

In the movie Flight, Kelly Reilly gives a terrific performance as Nicole, a vulnerable but determined lady fighting addiction alongside a troubled pilot.

 Reilly is an intriguing performer who gives Beth Dutton in Yellowstone and Nicole in Flight depth through her quiet intensity and capacity to convey underlying grief.

In Flight, Reilly demonstrates her skill in creating sympathetic and resilient characters through Nicole's 

drive to assert her independence and lead the protagonist toward recovery.

Those who missed Kevin Costner's sixth-generation homesteader John Dutton navigating the Montana wilderness and political circles on Paramount+

will now be able to watch the complete five-season run of Taylor Sheridan's

epic Western Yellowstone thanks to CBS. Consequently, Kelly Reilly will unavoidably be presented to a second wave of fans as Beth Dutton, 

the ranching family's unique and irreverent lone daughter. While Reilly undoubtedly possesses charm, 

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