Tyson Fury Admits He's Saddened By Mike Tyson's Decision 

The heavyweight star Tyson Fury is focused on his next fight against Francis Ngannou,  

who is a former champion of the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC). However,  

Fury has stated that he was unhappy to see another renowned fighter in Ngannou's corner for the fight. 

Mike Tyson has been coaching Ngannou in preparation for their next battle against one other. 

The fight will be Ngannou's first in boxing, and Tyson has stated that he believes the former UFC champion has what it takes to be successful. 

"I think that it's sad, actually," Fury stated in an interview with Sky Sports regarding Tyson's support for Ngannou. 

The legendary ancestor after whom I was named has to compete against me and come out on the losing end, 

having been defeated by a man who was named after him," the man said.  

I believe that it's unfortunate, and I think that he should be on my side rather than the other side, but I understand that business is business, and that it's absolutely business." 

"Everyone has got a plan until they get punched in the face," Fury, who is a heavy favorite in the fight against Ngannou, said. 

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