Tourist near bison in Yellowstone: ‘Got what he was asking for’

Yellowstone National Park, with 2.2 million acres, is one of the most beautiful places on Earth.

Remember that elk, bears, and wolves live there when you visit. One tourist came too close to a wild bison and didn't survive. 

The TouronsOfYellowstone Instagram account posted a photo of a sad bison pinning someone beneath its head. 

The National Park Service's website reports that bison cause the most animal injuries in Yellowstone Park.  

Animals can run three times quicker than people, so stay 75 feet away at all times. 

If this visitor had read the park's rules and guidelines, as the commenter advised, they would have realized that approaching a bison is dangerous and that lowering their head 

pawing, bellowing, or snorting indicate a charge. 

The tails of bisons can also indicate their emotions. Natural hanging down means peace, according to the National Park Service. 

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