The Jets return to Zach Wilson with a familiar outcome.

In the first game after Aaron Rodgers' injury, the Jets recorded four turnovers, including three interceptions by Wilson, against the Cowboys' strong defense.

On Sunday afternoon, the Dallas Cowboys defeated the Jets 30-10, reminding them of what their season may be without quarterback Aaron Rodgers.

The Jets' season opening last week ended with Rodgers tearing his left Achilles' tendon after three plays.

The Jets (1-1) beat the Buffalo Bills 22-16 in overtime owing to their strong defense and run game.

On Sunday, the Jets' defense stopped the Cowboys (2-0) many times in the red zone and forced five field goals.

However, Cowboys quarterback Dak Prescott neutralized the Jets' talented defensive backs with short passes. 

Wide receiver CeeDee Lamb caught 11 passes for 143 yards. 

Running back Tony Pollard caught seven catches for 37 yards and ran 25 times for 72 yards.

Prescott completed 31 of 38 passes for 255 yards and two touchdowns to tight ends Jake Ferguson and Luke Schoonmaker.

The Cowboys ran 83 plays, converted 9 of 18 third-down attempts, and kept the ball for over 42 minutes, limiting the Jets' offensive.

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