Taylor Swift's unique connection to Philadelphia Eagles' Jason Kelce, the brother of rumored new love interest Travis Kelce

Jason Kelce, a player for the Philadelphia Eagles, has jokingly stated that he "cannot comment"

on claims that his brother, Travis Kelce, a player for the Kansas City Chiefs, is dating Taylor Swift.

However, if the rumors are accurate, there would be much to talk about amongst the three of them.

Taylor grew raised outside of the city before moving to Nashville as a young kid, 

and she has always been a fan of the NFL franchise the Philadelphia Eagles.

She also stated that the words "With my Eagles t-shirt hanging from the door" from her song 

Gold Rush," off of the 2020 album Evermore, are about the football team and not the band, during her Eras Tour performance in the city.

With my Eagles t-shirt hanging from the door," she sings in one of her songs. "I did see the argument about, 

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