Stephen A. Smith envisions Deion Sanders' response to Colorado State HC after Week 3 matchup

Deion Sanders has led the Colorado Buffaloes to a 2-0 start, proving many of his critics wrong along the way.  

While the Pro and College Football Hall of Famer has found success in his first year as an FBS coach, that hasn't stopped people from finding ways to criticize him or the program.

Coach Jay Norvell of the Colorado State Rams, whose team will meet the Buffaloes this weekend 

Is the latest to take a shot at Prime Time. "I sat down with ESPN today - and I don't care if they hear it in Boulder - 

I told them, I took my hat and I took my glasses off and I said when I talk to grown-ups, I take my hat and I take my glasses off, 

," Norvell said on his weekly radio show. That is something my mum taught me. No matter what we say or do, they will not like us. It makes no difference."

"First Take," ESPN's Stephen A. Smith predicted how Sanders and the Buffaloes would react:

Check out the following comments about Deion Sanders from Jay Norvell and Stephen A. Smith (beginning at 0:26):

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