Social media reacts to Browns RBSnoop Dogg and Chris Stapleton Remake ‘In the Air Tonight’ for ‘Monday Night Football’ Nick Chubb's injury

Fire up the Spyder, Crockett, and load that shotgun, Tubbs! — Miami Vice's 1984 pilot utilized Phil Collins'

"In the Air Tonight," but Monday Night Football is not afraid to attempt. Snoop Dogg,

Chris Stapleton, and drummer Cindy Blackman Santana joined forces with ESPN's football franchise to rework the 1981 classic by Phil Collins as a fresh opening tune.

Although it does not compare to Michael Mann's iconic use, the new version is nonetheless melancholy fun. 

The minute-and-a-half-long clip features Stapleton striding resolutely down a stadium while Snoop,

dressed in a tracksuit, pulls up in a lowrider and raps: "Rivals, us first then survival. It is tribal, so we have to win.

The video combines Snoop Dogg's rap, a group of dancers, and Blackman Santana'

s drumming with clips from several NFL teams. The song's high notes in the chorus, 

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