Short Nail Designs That Prove Elaborate Manicures Are for Everyone

Long nails are the Marcia Brady of manicures, attracting all the attention and constantly flaunting their intricate patterns on the internet. 

But, let's be honest, short nail designs have been long overdue for some attention. We're talking about something lot more substantial than that library 

book you failed to return to the school librarian in fourth grade, or that one-word text you were supposed to send to that man you've been talking to on Tinder.  

Short nails are like Jan Brady, the middle sister who, like her big sister, is frequently forgotten but definitely deserves to be seen.

Don't worry if you're someone who will never succumb to the siren song of acrylic nails, a nail-biter, simply don't like long nails, 

or are afflicted with weak nails that won't grow no matter how many vitamins you take. You can still hang out with your gorgeous short nails.

"As a former nail-biter, I can attest that nail art makes every length look extra fabulous," says Miss Pop, a nail artist based in New York City. 

"If you have very short nails, consider focusing the design down by the cuticle — try a half-moon or negative-space look." 

In reality, these manicures look great on people of all lengths, but especially on short people. 

Even better, each of these sets is available in a number of colors and designs, ensuring that practically everyone's aesthetic pallet is satisfied. 

Not a fan of pastels? We have a few suggestions that are more on the neutral side. Do you prefer pink over neutrals? We also have those. Consider all of your nail art requirements. 

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