‘One Piece’ Producers On Winning Over Manga Fans, Finding Luffy & Six-Year Plan For Hit Netflix Series 

One Piece, the live-action adaptation of Eiichiro Oda's best-selling manga, has just finished its second week at No

1 in Netflix's Top 10 after another dominant international performance. One Piece inspired a TikTok craze with tributes to its deranged villain Buggy, 

As is becoming a right of passage for every series that finds it big with young adults these days (like Netflix's Wednesday).

"Both Becky and I have worked on a number of successful programs. But in your career, you fantasize about one like this,

" Adelstein, whose credits include Last Man Standing, Prison Break, and Teen Wolf, remarked. 

"And if you're lucky, you get one like this that has such a large resonance, and there's such awareness of and love for the source material."

One Piece was a follow-up to another live-action Netflix series based on a renowned animation, 

Cowboy Bebop, which only lasted one season. Adelstein and Clements discussed how they assembled the young cast, particularly the expensive talent search for the lead role of Luffy,  

which went to Mexican actor Iaki Godoy (Who Killed Sara? ), and revealed how Adelstein's involvement in Prison Break helped him land the rights to One Piece.

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