NFL world reacts to absolutely brutal Giants news

Sunday was a bad night for the Giants. The Dallas Cowboys beat the Giants 40-0 to start the 2023 season. 

The Cowboys cruised as the G-Men made terrible mistakes en way to a 40-point loss. They made NFL history for the wrong reasons.

Opta Stats, cited by The Athletic, said that the Giants established five NFL firsts in a single game.

They lost 40-0, 7-0 in sacks, and 3-0 in turnovers to the Cowboys. After a blocked field goal, they scored the game's first touchdown. Finally, quarterback Daniel Jones delivered a pick-six.

No NFL team has done that in a season, let alone one game.

Big Blue had a hard night and will have to sit this one out for the week. If the New York Jets capitalize on Monday night's focus, it may become worse. 

After their surprise playoff trip last season, Giants expectations were high. 

They backed off in the opener, so reconsideration may be needed.

The NFL spoke a lot about the Giants' terrible night.

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