Music Genres You Should Listen To Based On Your Zodiac Sign

The daring Aries never misses a rock concert. Rock is the perfect lively song for the fire symbol. The next time you sing "Come As Your Are," you know why.

Rock - Arie

True blue romantics with a pinch of spice, the only genre that could ever resonate with a Taurus’ personality is R&B. 

R&B - Taurus

Have you ever seen a Gemini with one favorite genre? Us neither. Geminis have several personalities, like their sign. 

Pop & Dance - Gemini

The sensitive souls of the Zodiac tribe, Cancers love songs that speak to their soul. Catchy beats with deep, meaningful lyrics are the way to a Cancer’s heart and their playlist. 

Country - Cancer

A genre that digs deep into your soul and brings your true passion to the surface, Hip hop is more than what meets the eye. 

Hip Hop - Leo

Clean, detail-oriented perfectionists, the only music genre that truly resonates with Virgos is classical music.  

Classical - Virgo

The only genre that can make the hardworking and this particular earth sign happy is Jazz. 

Jazz - Capricorn

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