Michael Irvin settles his Marriott lawsuit and returns to NFL Network now.

Former Dallas Cowboys wide receiver Michael Irvin is said to have reached a deal with Marriott in his high-profile $100 million slander lawsuit.

This is a big development in a judicial struggle that began in February after allegations were made against Irvin.

The complaint was based on a contentious encounter that occurred in an Arizona hotel lobby 

 A woman accused Michael Irvin of making sexual remarks during this event, prompting Irvin  

to file a defamation complaint against Marriott for what he said was reputational harm. 

The particular settlement between Irvin and Marriott has not been made public, leaving many people curious about the agreement's terms and conditions.

This settlement marks a momentous conclusion to a legal fight that received great media attention.

Former NFL great and Hall of Famer Michael Irvin is a well-known figure in sports and entertainment. 

His time with the Dallas Cowboys and subsequent employment as a sports pundit cemented his reputation.  

The claims against him earlier this year, along with Marriott's following lawsuit, generated quite a stir in the sports and entertainment sectors.

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