Lionel Messi Bought a $10.8 Million Fort Lauderdale Home—His Neighbors Triumphed. 

Soccer star Lionel Messi's $10.75 million residence in Fort Lauderdale is attracting international attention to the gated enclave where he lives.    

After winning the World Cup in Qatar last year, the 36-year-old attacker signed with Inter Miami CF this summer, 

sparking Messi Mania in Miami. Fans lined up for tickets and merchandise. The real estate market may not be as insane, but analysts say it still gets hyped. 

Chad Carroll of the Carroll Group at Compass stated, “A buyer with a massive international following is a magnet for attention, 

and ever since the news broke that Messi was house hunting in Fort Lauderdale, and then closed on a home in Bay Colony,  

all eyes have been on the Another high-profile neighbor like Messi will boost the neighborhood, which is already one of the most elite in the city.

According to Carroll, Bay Colony is an island community that is comprised of approximately one hundred waterfront houses. 

It is popular among people who enjoy boating and those who are looking for the highest level of protection possible. 

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