Kevin Costner’s Been ‘Begging’ to Return to ‘Yellowstone’ 

According to a new rumor, Kevin Costner has been trying to return to Yellowstone after an awkward phone call ended his character's story.

Since early 2023, Costner and Yellowstone's producers have disagreed about shooting the second half of Season 5 due to Costner's commitments to Horizon: An American Saga.

In his divorce proceedings, Costner testified that he had negotiated a "pay or play" deal that failed and that Yellowstone executives "walked away" after extensive negotiations,

, but a new report from Puck News sheds light on the situation, including a disastrous phone call between Costner and Yellowstone creator Taylor Sheridan that was the final straw.

After Paramount confirmed in May that Yellowstone will cease after Season 5, two sources told Puck News that Costner was still keen to return as John Dutton for Seasons 6 and 7.

Costner sent a representative to New York to speak with a Paramount executive, the report said. Costner's rep said the actor wanted to wrap the role, give fans what they wanted, and promote Horizon's first season. 

Costner called Sheridan in July 2023, Puck News writes, and while he was pleasant, he requested more money and a shorter shooting schedule for future seasons.

Costner's Yellowstone drama has coincided with his public divorce from Christine Baumgartner, his wife of 18 years.

 She will dispute their premarital agreement in court in November before finalizing their divorce.

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