Are Jada Pinkett Smith and Will Smith compatible astrologically?  We know Jada's Sun and Moon are Virgo, but not her Rising Sign. Will is Scorpio Moon, Gemini Rising, Libra Sun.

From the start, their thinking and behavior will differ.  Virgo is detail-oriented and can micromanage. Libra sometimes likes this so they can focus on fun and large ideas without having to handle much.

Libras prefer to feel and “be the star” over Virgo. 

Because they obsess and analyze every detail, Virgos are the freakiest people in the bedroom, thus she'd like porn or fetish situations. 

This sounds like a good fit for Will, a Libra who needs his significant other to feel balanced but also enjoys to travel. 

With their urge to explore and inner freak being explored, this connection seems to fulfill and work for both of them.

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