‘Expendables 4’ Opening at $11 Million, ‘Venice’ Falling on Weary Weekend in China

On a quiet weekend before National Day at the end of the month, ‘Expendables 4’ narrowly topped the mainland China box office.  

“A Haunting in Venice” debuted outside the top five. According to Artisan Gateway,

“Expendables 4” made $10.9 million (RMB78.6 million) in its first weekend. The latest “Expendables” film stars Jason Statham 

, who also stars in China-U.S. co-production “Meg 2: The Trench.”

The new title edged out Chinese murder thriller “Dust to Dust,” which earned $10.6 million (RMB76.2 million) in its second week. 

After 10 days, “Dust” earned $44.2 million despite a 52% week-on-week drop.

In its third week in China, “Oppenheimer” placed third with $4.3 million. It earned $54.3 million in the Middle Kingdom after 17 days.

“No More Bets,” the summer's biggest hit, fell to $4.0 million and fourth. Since Aug. 8, it's made $527 million.

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