Don't forget these plays: Jets drop potential pick-6

Dallas, Texas - Even though it was a little harder this time, the Cowboys still won a game against a New York club by a lopsided margin.

The offense made just enough plays to keep scores on the board, and the Cowboys were able to rely on an aggressive defense once more.

Here are several plays that may not be well-remembered but had a big impact on the result.

Dak's scamper results in a touchdown - The Cowboys' choice to start the game with the ball after winning the toss was debatable. 

To score a touchdown is the best method to counteract that. The Cowboys faced a third-and-6 from the Jets' 20-yard line, but Dak Prescott more than made up for it with a 15-yard scramble to the Jets' 5.

Jake Ferguson grabbed Dak Prescott's first touchdown pass of the year three plays later, giving the Cowboys a 7-0 lead. 

Talk about setting the tone for a game: running into a "Tank" The Cowboys were aware that they needed to halt the run and reduce the Jets' variety. 

DeMarcus Lawrence sliced through the line of scrimmage on the first play from scrimmage and knocked Breece Hall to the ground for a 4-yard loss.

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