Deion Sanders Explains Why He Ranked His Children: 'I'm the Only One Who's Honest'

The Colorado Buffaloes' head coach stated his son Shilo is "moving up" in the rankings after "getting two turnovers" against Colorado State on Saturday.

Deion Sanders, head coach of the Colorado Buffaloes, has an ever-changing ranking list for his five children — and believes he's not the only father who does.

Sanders, 56, initially announced his children's public rankings on Instagram, with son Deion Jr., 29, holding the top spot in December 2022.

The head coach and father of five claimed he may change his ranking order after his Buffaloes beat Colorado State on Saturday thanks to two stolen turnovers from 23-year-old Shilo Sanders.

Deion told reporters following Saturday's win, "Shilo got two turnovers today, I’m wondering if that moved him up in the kid rankings?," according to a Fox College Football video on X, formerly Twitter.

Shilo is rising, Deion remarked. He said, "He is moving up like the Jeffersons, but [son] Shedeur is straight-up balling too."

After Saturday, Deion's daughter Shelomi, aka "Bossy", may have risen in the ranks.

It was fantastic when Bossy gave me the biggest embrace, kiss, and admiration for Daddy at the end of the game."

The head coach praised his eldest son, Deion Jr., for his "fascinating" social media work with Well Off, a streetwear clothing brand.

"It's tough. My kids rankings are tough," Sanders said to reporters. "It's a serious run right now, it really is." 

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