Daryl Dixon, TWD Laurent's Horrifying Backstory Is Revealed

The second episode of The Walking Dead: Daryl Dixon exposes more about Laurent and Isabelle's tragic past and sets the groundwork for a worse future.

Isabelle, a party-girl pickpocket, cares for sister Lily amid flashbacks to the night Parisians started walking (how great was that segment!). 

 After Quinn saves Isa, they take Lily and flee.

Other than the walker infestation. Lily has hid her pregnancy from her older sibling for seven months!

After Quinn insists they dump Lily up at a hospital and continue to their isolated destination without her, the prospective nun takes his car keys and races away with her sister.

Lily and Isa flee to the Abbey of St. Bernadette as Lily's contractions worsen.

There, the pregnant woman discovers a bite mark from a walker. 

She begs her sister, “Promise me you'll look after my baby,” and not too soon.

 Laurent is miraculously born after Lily dies in labor and turns.

 Currently, Daryl, Isabelle, Laurent, and Sylvie meet a preschool group of kids. 

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