A surprising twist in the James Harden trade drama has been uncovered.

Last month, the Sixers reportedly took James Harden off the trade market, but ESPN's Brian Windhorst revealed in his “Hoop Collective” podcast that the Clippers ended talks.

"The Clippers tried to trade for James Harden, but it failed," Windhorst added. 

"From what I gather, the Clippers replied, 'Okay, no trade. 

 We’ll proceed. I suppose they might make a deal midseason, but I think they'll go with this.”

Harden wanted to be dealt to L.A. in late June after unexpectedly picking up his $35.6M player option for next season. 

Harden had no market because L.A. wasn't pursuing a deal, so the Sixers stopped trying.

That decision led Harden to brand president of basketball operations Daryl Morey “a liar” and criticize team management for his treatment over the past two years during an appearance in China. 

Harden also promised to never work for Morey, which will be tested in two weeks when training camp begins.

He was fined $100K for such statements, and the NBA investigated whether there was a handshake pact, but the Sixers were later cleared.

Morey reportedly listed Harden at a price so high that other clubs wouldn't accept it, a method he previously utilized when Ben Simmons requested a trade two years ago.

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