A Place for Peace...

 My name is Jenaya little and I am currently a university student living in Australia's Hunter Valley (vineyards) located in NSW, two hours North of Sydney. 


I guess something that I think is important about my community is access to education and the relatively peaceful and welcoming place that Australia is. I don't take for granted that there are many people out there who do not have access to an education and how lucky I am to be able to study a degree at university and have these experiences. 


Something that I have been studying and that I feel is something I would love more awareness on in both my community and in general would be more awareness of mental health particularly in males. I feel like the large majority of suicides in males could be prevented if men felt open about speaking out about their mental health. From birth to about seven years old both boys and girls express emotion in the same way and then boys are told that it is not "masculine" to cry, that men don't do that and I feel like that is such a huge reason for why so many males every year commit suicide and I would love more awareness on that issue to promote change. Many people around me have been affected by a friend that killed himself by asphyxiation a few years ago and no one could understand why. 


I think a lyric that really resonated with me was the line "I believe in peace, I believe in people", "listen to your heart, everyone is equal". I feel that these really connect with what I mentioned before and I wish everyone could have that mindset and be empathetic to other people and their stories. 

 My name is Cynthia Philippa Mitchell and I live in London/England.


I am 25 years old, currently studying for my Maths degree, hoping to be a Maths teacher one day.


I would like to see more community centers, more youth clubs for young people to have something to do after school besides playing with their peers on the streets. I do worry for the younger generation of today, who are missing out on opportunities or falling into the wrong crowd because they want to be part of a group.


“We try to blend in until the feeling is gone” This makes me think of people that have done wrong and made bad decisions to impress their peers, which at the time gives them a feeling of excitement, but then turns into regret.

 My name is Jordan Indigo Isaac and I live in the capital city of Botswana named Gaborone.


I would like the world to know that my community is busy growing, in a more liberal sense, it is becoming a very tolerant and respectful environment for every one part of it. As for myself, I would like the world to know that I am a social awareness photographer and blogger and strive to shine light on issues such as gender based stereotypes, mundane education systems and healthy eating plans, etc.


I would love to see a change in the way homosexuals are treated and accepted in communities, as I stated in the above lines the community is becoming more tolerant, however it is not as encouraging as it could be. I want people to feel safe wherever they are and never doubt themselves because of the way they were born.


My favorite line in the song is "Giving all you have will leave you with nothing to lose", because it is very relevant in my life and it resonates with me and motivates me to put my absolute everything into whatever I do. 

My name is Devika and I'm from India .

I just want this world to be filled with kindness & humanity.

We have our troubles in life but the belief in yourself gives confidence to face any trouble .

Our world should be peaceful and helpful to needy. I hope some day I could help educate and provide shelter to anyone in need .

" Giving all you have will leave you with nothing to loose"  is one of the favorite lines from the song because giving all you have could actually be helpful to someone & we have nothing to feel sad about .

 My name is Pamela and I live in a beautiful city of Vienna - Austria. I have always described myself as unusually ordinary and ordinary unusual and I believe most of the people are like that, kind and beautiful while being simple and plain. 


Although it is not clearly visible in the video - I had a different nail polish on every finger and a message "Ι believe in equality"  written on my hands and palms. Why did I do that? Well, to point out that the world is our hands and people are our fingers, every single one of them brings something special and without any of those our world would be impoverished.


We would like to see a better, improved world for us, our families and friends. We want to be able to show our kids and grandchildren the world like we know it today and not show the pictures of places and animals in encyclopedias because they are here no more because of our selfishness. That is our goal and that is why I love MY people, because they inspire me to be better and do more.


My favorite line in text is  I believe in you, if you believe in me, too. I think that should be the world's mantra. Life would be so much better if we had trust and faith in each other.

My name is Jasmine. I'm on a spiritual journey of growth and I just moved from Vasteras - Sweden, to Dublin Ireland. I'm here to study and work, before I'm off to discover more about the world and to live my simple dream life.  


I want the world to know about the words of Rumi; Love is the bridge between you and everything. Love rests on no foundation. It is an endless ocean, with no beginning or end.

And exactly as my favorite line in the songs says; Giving all you have will leave you with nothing to lose.


I'd also like to share some other quotes;

Life is the first gift, love is the second, and understanding, the third.- Marge Piercy 


"You are a child of the universe. No less than the trees and the stars; you have a right to be here. And whether or not it is clear to you. no doubt the universe is unfolding as it should."

 My name is Karla Sanjur and I was born in Panama City, Panama but migrated to sunny Miami, FL eight years ago. I work as a Art Director for an organic skin care company but my real passion is volunteer work. I like being part of organizations and projects that are trying to make a difference in the world. I believe now more than ever we need to treat our planet and all it's inhabitants better than before. For this reason, I have spent the past four years volunteering with different organizations around the world. 


My main animal rights organization is The Dolphin Project which aims to end worldwide dolphin captivity. It is a beautiful network of selfless, loving individuals who are trying to make a stance against cruelty and greed. Through this beautiful network of souls I have been to able to get involved with other groups and work with elephants, turtles, black bears, and more. Working with animals makes me feel of use to the world and reminds me that we need to protect their environments and continue to spread awareness of habitat destruction and climate change. Our fates are tied to theirs and we need to help them as much as ourselves. 


I dream of a world were everyone is kinder to each other and to animals. I dream of us coming together and fighting for our planet and all it's wonders. I believe we can move towards clean energy and a world with less suffering were every life is respected. And I believe every single person can make a difference because one small act of kindness can have endless results. Which is why my favorite line in the song is "Giving all you got will leave you with nothing to lose". 

 My name is Caroline Faé. I am a 28 year old lawyer from Brasil! I was born, raised and still live in Vila Velha, a great city by the beach , in Espírito Santo State (just above Rio), that I wouldn't change for any other place!

Brazil, as everyone know, is a great and beautiful country with the most caring and joyful people of the world. The only problem are with the ones in charge. Corrupt politicians are the main reason for other problems, like poverty and violence in my beloved country! And our Amazonia, as well, is the biggest victim of this corruption and crazy search for money and power! 

That is one of the reasons why I am becoming vegan (beef production is killing the Amazon rainforest)!

I was always crazy about dogs, nature and a animal lover since I was a child! But like a lot of people, I didn't realize how i was collaborating with their suffer and death with my choices at the table and the cosmetics and clothes I choose to wear. So once I realized that, I became a vegetarian and now I am becoming vegan!  It is not easy to be vegan in a country that has a huge meat habit, and when you were raised to think that this is normal and natural..This could be anything but natural!! Besides, veganism is new around here (but its getting bigger and better )!  

I really love and appreciate every line in the song, but the chorus is really amazing: "I believe in me, I Believe in people, I Believe in you, if you Believe in me too. Give all you can, than nothing can be taken from you..listen to your heart, everyone is equal.."! It does makes me believe that i'm not the only dreamer.

 I'm Tony 'The Empathy Guy' Scruggs from Culver City, California (aka a spiritual being experiencing life as an American of African-Ancestry teaching mindful empathy)

As a mindful empathy coach who shows people how to think empathically and then use that magic verbally, my mission is to offer people a bridge of transport from their heads to their hearts (and help them employ the 1st Agreement: 'Be impeccable with your word')


As a former pro athlete who meditates, contemplates and initiates I want the world to know that you can have fun engaging your full SiMBa (spirit, mind & body) as we are 3 part beings

After my time in India with Gandhi's grandson and great-grandson I fully embraced the family philosophy of 'be the change you wish to see in the world.' So as an American of African-Ancestry who longs for a new type of dignity (one where we see & speak to each other as members of team-humanity) I will be that change.

As an emotional self-defense instructor (NVC) & nonbullying speaker instead of asking people to shift I will give them so much empathy (understanding what people are feeling and guessing what people are needing) that they will become the change that they wish to see in the world (& violence/bullying will cease to be the 'cry for help' or 'expression of LOVE' that we 'highly evolved beings' choose)

 My name is Aliana Sigala, and I currently live in Duluth, MN.  But I was born in Eau Claire Wisconsin, Lived in Phelan and Victorville California, and also Barron Wisconsin.

When it comes to Duluth and Eau Claire, they're very progressive communities.  Even though they're majorly white, I've never felt like an outsider because of my cultures.  Furthering on that, they both did a very good job at celebrating both of my cultures.  They're very loving communities, and even when those few bad apples discriminate or promote prejudice, the communities come together against the hate.  As cheesy as it sounds, they conquer it with love.

I think something I would like to see both in my community and the world is for acceptance and open-mindedness to be more intersectional than it is.  For example, some people may be all for black lives matter, but when it comes to women and the wage gap, they won't believe it exists or won't even take a second to listen to the opposite side.


In the video  I wrote "I believe I will see my family again". My grandparents live in Mexico and with me being in northern Minnesota, it's hard for me to see them.  I've only seen them three times in my entire life, two of those times I was too young to remember much about them.  My grandparents are sick nearing the end of their rope.  While money is tight, especially with me paying for college, I have to stay positive.  I have to believe that I can see them one more time before they pass away;  That I can have one last memory with them and tell them, in person, that I love them.

My name is Noha. I was made in Egypt, assembled in Paris, grown in Cairo, and currently running in Berlin. I believe... you only fail when you stop trying. Hustle! People will give you a thousand reasons to give up before they give you one reason to try again. Keep going anyway.

A few years ago, I decided to cash out my life and chase my dream. Everyone including my closest friends called me crazy, and went on to list all the reasons why I was gambling my life away. You're wasting your time, they said. It's too hard. It's unrealistic. You're aiming a little too high there pal. What are the odds of it actually panning out. You're setting yourself out for disappointment. Not once did they think of the reward that could potentially come out of it.

They were right, you know. The odds were very slim and it was incredibly hard; and there were times when I completely broke down and wanted to give up. But I kept going anyway, and I hustled hard. Until one day, I made it happen. And to be honest, to this day I am still not entirely sure how. People will always try to feed you their own fears. But that's exactly it, they're 'their' fears.

I guess what I'm trying to say is.. I wish we'd all spend less time looking at everything that could potentially go wrong, and rather imagine everything that can go right.

If I had to choose only one  lyric that would go with my post. I'd say "We try to blend in until the feeling is gone" - because we all get those moments when we want to become better versions of ourselves, aim higher, give more, make a change. But it's what we do with those moments that makes all the difference. Do we take those moments and actually do something with them, and do we just let that feeling go until we blend right back in.

My name is Amela Subašić and I live in Astoria, Queens - NYC.

My family, along with many Bosnians, was forced to flee for safety from the Bosnian War in the early 90's. I was 3 years old when we relocated to Germany where I spent most of my childhood. At the age of 11 we were forced to flee again, post war, and ended up in Idaho where I lived for 16 years. Last year, I moved alone to New York City at the age of 27 to pursue my creative ambitions. No matter where life has taken me I have led with love and optimism and find myself grateful for the freedom to pursue my passions.


I want to see more love and equality in the world. I feel so lucky to be living in New York and working for myself as an art director and designer. I know many people don't get this chance. I envision the world being a better place if we shared love and respect with all those around us to create equal opportunity. I believe that every human has incredible potential to change the world for the better, if they are given the freedom to do so, no matter what their background is or where they are from. I am grateful every day for my journey and continue to create great work that highlights people's visions - as I believe everyone's voice deserves to be heard.  


My favorite song is 'One Life' by British singer songwriter James Morrison. His lyrics are near and dear to my heart.

 Hello, My name is Mariam Borbor, 39, living in Tehran, Iran. 

The big immediate changes I would like to see is watching people care for our earth. Tehran is a very polluted city mostly because of transportation. With a population of around 9 million using cars you can imagine the traffic and the air that you are breathing. Spending winter wearing a mask is not the life any human being should suffer from! 

There is another very important issue which breaks my heart: ANIMALS! We have a lot of street cats and dogs. People are starting to be aware of how bad some treat them. Dogs get killed, cats get burnt. There are no laws to protect those angels and before we can save each other, we need to save our planet. Without plants, trees and animals we couldn’t exist. Some of us are trying hard to protest for a written law and be the voice of the voiceless. Thankfully we are seeing more and more animal shelters which brings hope but we are sadly far from having the population act in the right direction. This kind of education should start in schools so children grow up with the notion of respect. But I do believe that if we do not take care of our Earth before each other, nothing will remain of the wild therefore nothing will remain of us... 

“Listen to your heart, everyone is equal” Yes everyone and everything! ANIMALS and TREES too have the right to live!

My friend, Reza Abedini, who participated in the video with me has started his own movement from Iran called “WE ARE ONE” (in Persian it is called “Yeki hastim). A backpacker, going around the world to show how we can all blend in, smile at each other, hold hands and respect each other! His motto is “DIFFERENT BUT NO DIFFERENCES”! No one should wait for politicians to change our world and be our voice. They will always take the side that makes more money. Be your own helping hand and the world will heal on its own. That would be my advice to all.

 My name is Krystal and I live in Malaysia, truly Asia.

 Malaysia is incredibly multicultural. We have the Malays, Indians and Chinese as well as the smaller ethnic groups each with their own distinct languages and culture. Our food is killer amazing because their old sort of hybrids of one another especially when it comes to the spices. 

Being a multicultural society, there is without a doubt racial tensions in the cities as well as in the more rural areas. I hope to se that one day all Malaysians will look past the color of each other skin and to realize that we are all equal. 

 My name is Sonja Alatic, I come from a very small country Slovenia, that has only 2 million people. I live in town called  Celje.


I'm a musician; A violinist and I work in music school where I teach kids to play the violin.  I try to give the best I can to all my students, because I know that soon they will be grow up and will carry this knowledge that I give them with them, so I really try to give them the best I can. I also study naturopathy and now combining that with music therapy as well. I would like that people wouldn't take all things in life and life itself for granted  and would be more grateful. 

I like the line in song "I believe in people" I believe that deep inside we are all good, just need to be waken, because if people start to believe, that we can all be equal,  that we don't need wars, because there is enough for everyone,  that love can be spread,  we have to take care for mother earth, because it gives us everything...I believe that people can be able to change and became grateful, loving,  and caring.

My name is Elmarie and these are the Grade 3's.

We live in a rural/farm community - mostly vinyards. Some of South-Africas best wines are produced in our area. Most of our parents work for the farmers and have done so for a few generations. (Note from teacher: parents are underpaid and treated badly by white farmers, racism is alive and well in our farm communities. Parents still suffer the consequences of a system in the past where they were payed with WINE, not money. Alcoholism is a big problem, we have a lot of children who suffer from Featol alcohol syndrome.) We like to do things together as a community because we are not in a town - we are each others friends.  We live next to beautiful mountains and in nature - we play outside a lot and can all play together. (Teacher notes: Most kids don't have internet access and tv's and computer games, they are physically active!)

The things the class is grateful for in their life is “my teacher, food, to see and hear, for the way Jesus made me good, school, food at school, and animals.”

The difference they would like to see in the world when they grow up is that “people must stop drinking and smoking, people must take better care of the planet, people should stop fighting and like each other more” and heartbreakingly enough they would like a new life. 

 My name is Robin-Vivienne Van Breda and I stay in Mitchell's Plain, Cape Town. I'm just a sensitive soul aspiring to be a DJ and music producer who would love to live in LA and New York. My community is a disadvantaged one, a lot of unemployment and drugs, filled with a lot of purposeless souls which rather saddens me. 

Immediate changes I'd like to see in my surroundings are people who are hopeful and believe they are destined for more than their circumstances.

In the world, wow I'd like to see an immediate extinction of racism and homophobia as well as the constant inequality amongst all human beings. It's as serious as it'll ever be at this point, it's the root cause of all our world problems and it drives the controlling spirit of and desire for power. Lives are being lost for no reason daily because of all the issues stated above and lives honestly have more value than what most people seem to believe. 

I have two lines in the song that speak to me. 

"Hearts beat, eyes glare - staring down the street to nowhere.” because it reminds me of how youngsters stand aimlessly on the corner in my area 24/7 , literally staring down streets to nowhere. I don't get how it sustains them nor why they do it but from my point of view it seems like they're just staring down the street to nowhere - lacking ambition.

"people with a blank stare are playing in a game that ain't fair" because it's literally something I've come to realize that's true. When a person is stuck in circumstances/a reality that isn't fair it'll show on their face. You will see it in their eyes, how they carry themselves, how they stare, how they look at others, how they respond to others etc. It'll always linger and visibly so.

 My name is Jessica and I live in Shanghai, China.

I'm originally from Toronto, Canada, but moved to Shanghai when I was 12. Shanghai is like my second home and I've grown to love this city's fast-paced and urban environment. The eclectic mix of people and lifelong friends that you meet, especially, make Shanghai so dear to my heart. However, all good things come with a price. Shanghai is also home to one of the most populous and polluted cities in the world.

Living in an overpopulated (roughly 24 million people) and polluted metropolis like Shanghai, I have recently taken steps to become more eco-friendly. I believe it is extremely vital that we do more to conserve and protect our natural resources. I also believe environmental issues, especially climate change, is one of the biggest threats we are currently facing on a global scale and needs more of our attention. We all must take steps to protect this beautiful earth that we live in so as to make this planet a better place for our communities and generations to come. The more that we all do our part, the faster we will create an entire ecology of living that promotes sustainability. 

My favorite line in the song is "Listen to your heart, everyone is equal." I'm all about promoting equality amongst all humans, regardless of race, gender, socioeconomic status, sexual orientation, sexual identity, and disability. Ultimately, it is all about the content of our character, personal merits and everyone working collectively to contribute to the better good of our society. I believe that spreading kindness, being non-judgmental and embracing our differences promotes peaceful living.

I'm Dawn and pictured are John and Ivan.


We just moved back from Kauai to be closer to family to my hometown of Laguna Beach. Having grown up here, I always loved that this town has put such an emphasis on the arts in education. 


If everyone was without skin there would be nothing to judge as there is truly nothing that separates us, that is all an illusion of brainwashed perceptions. 


My favorite line of the song is   "Listen to your heart, everyone is equal." I wish people could see past the barriers they've imposed upon themselves, blocking us from having a peaceful world. 

We're just two good people trying to raise a good man who believes in unity, peace and equality.