In a recent interview Brandon Jenner did with Michael Heidemann on WGN Radio’s Sound
Sessions to discuss his highly anticipated new EP Plan on Feelings, the multi-talented singer-
songwriter shared a powerful quote he had recently heard that sums up his hopeful philosophy
about his burgeoning career as an indie recording artist and performer: “I’m not sure music will
save the world, but I do know it helps people get through the nighttime.”

      Launching with the ultra- sensual, slyly playful lead single “Death of Me” (dropping May 10),
the five track EP has the power to do just that, showcasing the multi-talented artist at his most
candid, intimate and vulnerable. His trademark soulful, warmly inviting vocals and raw, loose
guitar and piano driven vibe serve as channels for narratives that take us straight to the bare-
bones emotions of his heart – and slowly pierce our own in the process. Brandon is also releasing
a visually and emotionally compelling video for “Death of Me” that impactfully illuminates its
theme about our attraction to beauty and that inner voice that subtly tells us that it can destroy
our lives.

     “Unlike the other songs on the EP where I do a lot of internal exploring, ‘Death of Me’ is meant
to be a more lighthearted look at the male curse, and what can happen to us if we allow ourselves
to get in too deep,” Brandon says. “It’s a song that allowed me to have a good time, without
putting pressure on myself to impart a heavy message. In this transitional time of my life, I just
wanted to get something off my chest and have a good time doing it.”

     The second single, dropping May 31, is “Get What You Give,” a moody, piano driven ballad
about feeling helpless in love, unsure how things will play out and begging for everything to stay
the way it is now while knowing there’s an inevitable fire to walk through.
Since the release of his acclaimed 2016 debut Burning Ground – whose title track has been
streamed over 19 million times on Spotify – Brandon has transcended his well-known family
connections and pop culture notoriety by establishing himself as a globally renowned artist of
depth and vision. Plan on Feelings is the follow-up to his equally renowned 2018 EP Face the
World, whose heartbreaking atmospheric acoustic track “All I Need Is You” has over 700,000
streams. His music has become a staple on Sirius/XM Radio’s Coffee House station, and he
toured in the summer of 2018 Rachael Yamagata and Joshua Radin.

      Over these past few years, as he’s performed locally in his hometown of L.A. as well as
internationally, the singer has learned that the key to fostering these enduring, soul transforming
connections with listeners is embracing his deepest, most authentic self and becoming fearless
about unleashing his vulnerability – a true “superpower” (as he sees it) that many artists obscure
or shade for commercial purposes and/or self-protective reasons.

     “The songs are snapshots of what I was feeling and felt like expressing at any given time,”
Brandon says. “I start the EP with the confessional, very autobiographical ‘Anybody?’ as a
bookmark of things to come, to let people know that this will be my approach to music from here
on out. It perfectly captures my commitment to being more vulnerable. I’m an empathetic person
who really wants to connect with people, and being honest about myself and touching on both

my strengths as well as details that may even be a little uncomfortable is the most meaningful
way to do that.

     “Allowing myself to be vulnerable is the seed and vessel that carries my art and allows for that
meaningful exchange,” he adds. “Being vulnerable means living life unapologetically. We all
tend to create a representation of ourselves to put out into the world to make sure people will like
us. But that only takes you so far as an artist. What I’m trying to do now is present myself for
exactly who I am without filtering myself through the eyes, expectations and opinions of others.”
Brandon titled his new EP Plan on Feelings as a way of welcoming the changes to come in his
life and assert that he is looking forward to. “If there’s one thing we can count on, it’s that life
will have its ups and downs,” he says. “The future will hold periods of struggle and elation, all of
which ensure growth if we are open to letting that happen. The title is my way of saying that I
welcome all feelings that will come to me down the road, knowing that they will provide me
opportunities for growth, reflection and openings to dig deeper even deeper into myself and
create more music.”

     Brandon’s hard-hitting opening track “Anybody?” will brutally rock the perceptions of anyone
who’s seen him on TV and thinks he’s had a charmed life growing up in Malibu the son of
Olympic champion and cultural icon Caitlyn Jenner and hit songwriter Linda Thompason; the
stepson of multiple Grammy winning producer David Foster; and a stepbrother of the
Kardashians via Caitlyn’s marriage to Kris. It’s a stark, profoundly lonely song about addictions
to love and sex “just like a little boy, begging for someone to hold me,” while carrying “the
weight of my family on my shoulders when they don’t even seem to give a f** about me.”
The EP also includes the hypnotic slow grooving ballad “Upside Down,” a song about defiance
and simmering anger in the face of the threat of being taken advantage of. “Even the nicest
people can boil over and snap,” Brandon says. “Sometimes I write songs from an ‘I love you’
perspective and some from an ‘F you’ perspective. This is definitely the latter.” The final track is
the haunting, ambient gospel piece “The Way You Do,” in which he pleads, like a mantra, “Oh
Lord, give me the strength to love someone the way you do.”

     Brandon has been around music his whole life, spending many cherished days of his childhood
as a “wallflower” in the studio while stepdad David Foster worked with countless pop legends.
“The process of making records fascinated me and I was exposed to some incredible
musicianship,” he says, “which raised my level of taste and which I draw from as I create music
now in my home studio.” Before transitioning into his solo career, the singer was half of
Brandon & Leah, a duo with his now ex wife whose sound has been described as indie pop, hip-
hop based reggae and electro-pop-soul. Their single “Showstopper” was used as the theme song
for “Kourtney and Kim Take Miami” on E! Entertainment. Brandon & Leah’s debut EP Cronies,
produced with Tony Berg, was released in 2013, hitting #82 on the Billboard 200 chart and rising
to #16 on the Billboard Digital Albums chart. They released their follow-up EP Together in

      “I believe strongly in the adage, ‘to whom much is given, much is expected,’ and I want to use
my music as a platform to give back and provide something of substance to the world,” Brandon
says. “Part of my evolution as an artist has come from not running away and cowering from who
I am but accepting it and finding strength and inspiration in it. I have done my share of getting in
a van and traveling to play music in places where I wondered if anyone was listening – but have

found that paying my dues is more about being completely honest with myself, figuring out what
is and isn’t working and discovering what is unique about my sound, my voice and approach to
melody and rhythm. If I live and create authentically, I believe I will leave something behind that
is important and will endure.”